Development Notes

Last update of Glaance: March 18, 2024
Last update of this page: March 18, 2024

Current version: 0.8.1 alpha (invited test users only)

Features of this version:

Video can be played forwards and backwards at different speeds, with or without sound, including single-frame, windowed or fullscreen. Controls via on-screen buttons and sliders or keyboard keys (customizable).

Comments are automatically linked to timecode positions (current position in video) or sections (defined by in and out positions). Clicking on times in the comments moves playhead to that position. In-out sections can also be looped. Comments are also displayed as ticks or segments on the timeline.

The Glaance interface currently supports English and German. If you are a native speaker of another language and you are willing to invest some time I'll be happy to add your language. Simply get in touch.

The interface can be customized to account for tech-savvy clients (e.g. timecode display, all player functions and icon buttons) or the average Jane/Joe (e.g. regular time display, simplified player and text buttons).

Reviews can be exported as CSV file. Adobe Premiere users will soon be able to directly link the reviews to the corresponding video project using Markerbox, which will import the comments as markers (more details below).

Should the browser crash or the user log-out or reload the page his/her unfinished comments and playhead position are preserved, so that he/she can pick up at the same spot after reentry.

Status: Testing this early version on my clients to get feedback for improvements.

Very special thanks

to Elws. Starnight for many helpful articles and online demos on HTML5 video player programming, especially reverse playing with sound (important for my projects), which actually triggered the development of Glaance,

and to my son Arian, who has the amazing gift to always find bugs – and with that I really mean ALWAYS!

The general concept and functionality of Glaance was inspired by my experience with, and Vimeo Pro. also inspired the development of Markerbox.

Coming Next

Planned for version 0.8.1.X

Planned for version 0.8.2

Planned for version 0.8.3

Planned for version 0.8.4

Planned for later

And beyond that?

In case you have some ground-breaking ideas I might not have thought of I would be happy to hear from you.

Development Log

Prototype (proof of concept)

May, 2021

After that no further development for almost 3 years due to shift in business focus.

Alpha version 0.8.0 (first version tested on clients)

February/March, 2024

Alpha version 0.8.1

March, 2024