Simple Video Feedback Workflow

Why Glaance?

Glaance is a completely free and customizable video review tool that runs on your own webspace. No monthly costs, no limits to users, projects or video file size.


Video can be played forwards and backwards at different speeds, including single-frame, windowed or fullscreen. Comments are automatically linked to timecode positions or in-out sections. Glaance supports multiple languages. Client reviews can be exported as CSV file.

Adobe Premiere users will soon be able to link the reviews to the corresponding video project using Markerbox, which will import the comments as markers.

Glaance is free!

You may use it for personal and commercial projects, as long as the copyright remarks are left in place. If you are a programmer feel free to expand the functionality of Glaance. In that case I would be delighted to hear from you.

In case you want to modify Glaance, redistribute it or bundle it with other packages please check out the legal fine print.

Gimme That!

To download and install the latest version of Glaance go to the download page and follow the instructions. It's really easy.

For instructions on how to configure and use Glaance visit the how-to page.

More details on what's coming in the next versions you will find on the development page.

In case you find any coding errors you may keep them ;-)

Why Another Video Review Tool?

Yes, for gathering client feedback on your video productions there are already many cool platforms out there: Cage, Cospective, Filestage,, Ftrack, GoProof, GoVisually, Kollaborate, Notism, QuickReviewer, ReviewStudio, Screenlight, Shotgun, SyncSketch, VideoReview, Vidhub, Vimeo Pro, Wipster, Workfront, Ziflow – just to name a few.

But the features of free plans are rather limited, and for small-time filmmakers the paid plans are often too expensive. Also, the feature-rich interfaces easily overwhelm clients, especially if they only use such a review platform once in a while.

Thus, being both a filmmaker and a programmer, I decided to create my own video review tool, tailored to my needs, with only the functions my projects require. Glaance may not be perfect for you and may lack some features you would like. But, hey, it's free and it allows branding, unlimited projects, users and file sizes. So why not give it a try? My clients love it.